Electronic Kinesiology - Advanced Chiropractic

Pain Prevention Plus

Healing Techniques / Services


Option 1: Electronic Kinesiology Reflex Pressure Point Technique.

Option 2: Precision Drop-Assisted light joint manipulation (Very gentle compared to traditional manipulation.)

Assessment of Progress:


Monitoring of body function includes assessment of abnormal muscle tension/weakness, passive joint play loss, balance of leg lengths and blood pressure measurement (an indirect measure of hormonal balance).

Advisory Service:

Information is shared on sensible nutrition and other lifestyle choices. Our lifestyles have an enormous impact on our health and we all need to take responsibility for this. Science now tells us that we are not at the mercy of our genes, viruses or old age. What we eat, think and do matters.

Health updates:

New developments in health are monitored and shared in our practice. This is in recognition that science is not static, but continues to improve.


It should be remembered that illness is the result of a process over time. Consequently, recovery is also a process, not an event.