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My wife's first experience with chiropractors

healing asthmaASTHMA & ALLERGIES: In my early 20's, my new wife had experienced severe asthma since being an infant. Triggers were winter colds, some pollens, cat & dog fur. Steroids like prednisone were frquently used. A chiropractor examined her (my wife thought this was a hoot- going to a quack for asthma!) Xrays revealed osteoporosis (brittle bones), likely due to steroid use. He referred her to a colleague. Winter colds rapidly became a non-issue, but the allergies remained (more on this later). A decision was made to change my career, from electronics to chiropractic. It became evident later that electronics had prepared me for my new job. Initially, more traditional techniques were used. I was introduced to pressure point methods by a friend. Within 2 weeks of applying this new knowledge, my wife's allergies to cats, dogs and pollens disappeared. That was 20 years ago.